Antonio Novo Awarded for Pioneering Industrial Collaboration Across Europe


The award celebrates Antonio Novo’s pivotal role in nurturing European advanced innovation ecosystems, where industry, academia, and public institutions collaborate seamlessly. His efforts have elevated clusters to become central to the European industrial landscape. This recognition was a highlight of the 10th anniversary festivities of the Spanish cluster SIVI, held in Valladolid on 12 April 2024.

Antonio Novo, president of the European Clusters Alliance, received a special award for his exceptional work to increase and strengthen the collaboration of cluster organisations in the European Union. The honour was given by the Spanish cluster SIVI, a cluster for innovative solutions for independent living, at the first Sectoral Meeting on Care and Innovation hosted in Valladolid, Spain, on 12 April 2024, celebrating the 10th anniversary of the cluster.

As president of the European Clusters Alliance, Antonio Novo has been representing the European cluster community for five years. He has continuously defended the important role of clusters in the industrial ecosystems through formal functions in expert groups of the European Commission, drafting of position papers and policy reports, speaking at high-level events, and facilitating the exchange of clusters across regional and national borders.

In 2020, Antonio Novo was honoured with a special award by the European Commission for his exceptional mobilisation of EU clusters during the COVID-19 crisis. Following this, in 2022, he received the prestigious “Professional 4 Ukraine” award from the Ukrainian Clusters Alliance, recognising his contributions to organizing the European industrial reactions in supporting Ukraine against the Russian’s aggression.

The European Clusters Alliance is committed to positioning industrial clusters as key agent in the European innovative ecosystem for the development and growth of the economy and competitiveness.

“I feel deeply grateful for this distinction, which reflects not only personal work but the joint effort and collaboration between hundreds of clusters, thousands of professionals, and the national networks that make up the European Clusters Alliance, in our common effort to strengthen and energize the business and social innovation ecosystem at the European level”, Antonio Novo said in light of the honour of his award.


Photo credits: Cluster SIVI, 12 April 2024