Survey for European companies and stakeholders: Disruptions in supply chains

Under the current geopolitical circumstances, supply chains and production lines are now suffering disruptions – or are at risk of suffering disruptions in the near future. Do you or your colleagues experience or expect disruptions in supply chains?

On behalf of the European Commission, the European Cluster Collaboration Platform, in collaboration with the Enterprise Europe Network, is running a survey to understand our current reality.

The purpose of this survey is to pick up the signals of disrupted supply chains from the ground in order to anticipate and find solutions. The results of the survey will contribute to a European response to theses disruptions.

The survey is addressed to all EU stakeholders, in particular, to the business community. We invite you to answer the survey and share it with your networks and colleagues! 

On 16 March 2022, at the first #EUClustersTalks, many of you told us they are experiencing disruptions to supply chains, due to the geopolitical situation. For this reason, our survey will stay open. The results will be discussed on 30 March at the next #EUClustersTalks.