Invitation to first Cluster Collaboration Lab

The European Cluster Collaboration Platform is organising the first Cluster Collaboration Lab, also known as C2Lab, which will take place in Cluj-Napoca, Romania, on 22 and 23 June 2022.

At this two-day event in form of a workshop, companies, cluster organisations, financial providers, actors from the civil society, and other interested entities will have the possibility to meet new potential partners, team up within or across regions or countries, and develop together a roadmap for their next projects. It will be an interactive workshop with the aim to produce concrete outputs with and for the participants. It is a great opportunity to shape project ideas, find the partners you need, and determine how to finance the projects.

Register to participate in the event: Register for C2Lab

The C2Lab is open to participants from the European Union and the SMP/COSME countries.

In order to complete your expression of interest, please answer the survey “A Solution-Oriented Approach to Supply Chain Disruptions”. This is mandatory to participate in the C2Lab. Your answer to the survey will help with the preparation of the working group phases of the C2Lab and to suggest the right collaboration partners for you.

Travel and accommodation costs to participate in the C2Lab will not be covered by the European Cluster Collaboration Platform.

How does the C2Lab work?

The C2Lab is a co-creation space. It is an interactive workshop to develop project roadmaps with other participants in the lab, who could be from other regions, countries, or sectors. When expressing your interest in the C2Lab, you are asked to indicate your areas of interest and to fill in the survey “A Solutions-Oriented Approach to Supply Chain Disruptions”. Based on your answers, the C2Lab team will create working groups that share similar areas of interests or that would like to tackle similar challenges. You will also have the possibility to contact other participants before the event.

During the C2Lab, a moderation team will guide the working groups and support with the definition of next steps to put your ideas into practice. The team will also follow up with you after the event and help with challenges you might face to start the implementation.

What kind of projects are we looking for?

The project roadmaps developed at the C2Lab should define solutions to the most critical disruptions in European supply chains. In March and April, the European Cluster Collaboration Platform ran a survey to identify those disruptions. It has shown that key issues are related to logistics, energy, raw materials and metals, wood, agri-food, construction, electronics, medical supplies, or skills. Project roadmaps could address challenges in those areas, or you could suggest another area of interest.

To give you a real-life example: The Russian war on Ukraine has let to a shortage of fertilizers in the agri-food ecosystem. A possible solution to this disruption is the usage of alternative substances. Therefore, companies and clusters in Europe have teamed up to work on bio-fertilizers as substitutes.

Preparatory webinar on 9 June 2022, 14:00 CEST

We invite you to a preparatory webinar on 9 June 2022, 14:00-15:00 CEST, to explain the idea of the C2Lab and to present the results of the survey on disruptions. This webinar will give you an overview of the C2Lab activities and update you on highly relevant issues for the industry, that could be addressed with new projects.

Please register for the preparatory webinar.

Make the most of your trip! It’s the Transylvanian Clusters International Conference

The C2Lab is organised in the context of the 7th edition of the Transylvanian Clusters International Conference (TCIW) with the title “Clusters’ Solution: Sustainable Business Performance”. The conference will take place from 17 until 24 June 2022. This year’s edition of TCIW will tackle the goal of striving to be competitive while also ensuring sustainability. You are invited to participate in this Conference. Please register directly via the conference website for attending other events than the C2Lab.